How to get free twitter followers - In 3 easy steps

In this post i'm going show you EXCACTLY how to get free twitter followers.

In fact, this is the same process I’ve used to grow my twitter following.
get free twitter followers

So if you want to grow your Twitter in 2019, you’ll love this new guide.

Step #1: Content is everyting

Here’s the truth:

People will follow you if you provide good content. If you never Tweet how would people find you? or Tweet irrelevant content for your niche even if you get a new follower they will unfollow you soon as you start tweeting anything they don't want to see.

In one study the sweet spot is 15 tweets per day

get free twitter followers

So, the first thing you need to do. Is be prepared for making 15 quailty tweets per day.

You can do this on your own or there is software that can do this for you automatically.

Step #2: Twitter Auto Content Bot (optional)

twitter bot

If you're like me you don't have time to post 15 high quality tweets per day.

I use the auto twitter content bot, if you want to learn more about the bot CLICK HERE

Step #3: Signup for Social Exchange Club


Social Exchange Club is a place for people to exchange time doing tasks. We will be using it to gain Twitter followers.

I will assume you already signed up and have the free 10 coins. If you have not signed up CLICK HERE

Once logged in simply make a new job. Here is a video making a job on my phone.

But if you prefer to read, here are steps to post a job.

Once logged in click "start new campaign"

new job

For this example we will use the "worldwide" option. If you only want USA wokers select that option.

You can also select certain countries, or even select certian members to be able to take the job, Take a look at the different options first. But for this example we will use the worldwide option.

world wide job

Once you have picked your worker section you will next have to pick a category and sometimes a sub-category.

For this example we will pick Twitter with a sub-category of 100+ followers.

Next set your amount of coins you want to pay each memeber to complete the "job". For this example we will use 1.10 coins.

The amout of freelancers is the total amount of members to complete the "job"

The "time to complete" is just a ruff extamate of time it will take the member to complete the "job" we will set it to 1 min because it's super easy to click follow.

step 1

The next step is making a "title" and "Job details" The title for this example will be "Follow me on Twitter" It's simple and the other members will know right away what the job is about.

step 2

The job details should be simple so anyone knows exataly what you want done.

For this example we will say " follow me on Twitter @yourName"

The last step to set up your job is to type up your "Proof Required" This will be what you want the member to submit as proof "job" completed. For this example I will ask the member to tell me his/her twitter name so I can confirm he/she is following me. You could also ask for a screenshot. Just ask them to use then send you the link. We don't want the photo uploaded to our server for your protection. Just use a service like imgur.

step 3

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