About Jobs Social Exchange Club

If you are  the looking for the best way to exchange work with others this is the place for you smile


Social Exchange Club, is a place where you can get people to like your facebook page, or give a google review, without investing anything.


currently site have five type of campaign / jobs for employers and workers  .

  1. USA / UK/ AU /CA jobs
  2. International jobs
  3. Limited Countries jobs
  4. Hired Group jobs
  5. Paid to Click jobs
For complete details please check employer guideline


Social Exchange Club specializes in pay-per-action . 
An action could be paying a member "coins" to like your facebook page, writing a google review, or making you some money signing up via your referral link on a website.


The possibilities are endless! Any task you can do on the internet can be a job.



We does not promise your job will get people to complete it, some jobs are too hard and most members will not apply to complete it. 



To find more about the jobs and marketing please check workers or employer guidelines